Why choose Phyt’s ?

Phyt’s is an organic cosmetics company operating from the south-west of France. What are organic certified cosmetics?
What is the difference with conventional cosmetics? Phyt’s tells you everything!



The COSMEBIO label : A guarantee of Quality
Most of our PHYT’S treatments are certified by COSMEBIO, a label that makes it possible to see at a glance which cosmetics are truly natural or organic. It is based on a demanding specifications and a charter of ethical values.

The COSMEBIO certification guarantees the composition of natural and organic cosmetics but also a responsible approach in all stages of the product creation: raw material, production, packaging, respect for the environment, etc.


This organic cosmetic ensures a clean composition of the labelled products. It replaces chemical and synthetic ingredients (components foreign to our body, many of which are controversial, or banned) with natural and vegetable ingredients with real benefits for the skin. PHYT’S FORMULAS, 100% CLEAN!
Since 1972, by promoting naturalness, phyto-cosmetics and dietary supplements, we preserve the body to help reveal its original beauty. We are today the only brand to guarantee on most of our products the use of 100% of natural origin ingredients and the 0% of synthetic ingredients, while favouring organic whenever an organic version of the ingredient exists. Our requirements are therefore higher than the minimum required by the Cosmebio charter. (which is a minimum of 95% of ingredients of natural origin)


Skin care products with proven effectiveness:
You no longer have to choose between an organic product and a product that works! Thanks to our unique know-how, our research & development laboratory, continues to develop concentrated formulas that act at the heart of beauty, affirming time and time again our capacity for innovation.
Convinced that plants contain incomparable virtues for health and beauty, our laboratory has acquired and developed serious skills in the use of essential and vegetable oils in formulations. Our nearly 50-year expertise in natural cosmetics allows us to offer perfectly self-preserved formulas naturally, without the addition of synthetic preservatives.


Our desire is to bring real results to your skin, thus demonstrating that the active ingredients of natural origin are also guarantors of high effectiveness:
• 2019 – Launch of REVIDERM Gelée Nettoyante , a new formula of cleansing gel that turns into milk in contact with water!
• 2018 – Creation of our PANADEE Cream, an exceptional global anti-aging cream, with an exceptional dosage and extraordinary results on the skin.
• 2017 – Reformulation of AQUA PHYT’S, based on 2 hyaluronic acids of natural origin, enhancing its effectiveness and hydration capacity from 3 to 24 hours!
• 2016 – Launch of SENSI PHYT’S, a range dedicated to sensitive skin, organic and 100% natural origin ingredients, hypoallergenic formulas tested under dermatological control, high tolerance, without preservatives, synthetic dyes, essential oils, alcohol or fragrance.
• 2014 – PHYT’SKIN RENOV: creation of the 1st Organic Certified Chemical Peel, based on Glycolic Acid of natural origin.
• 2011 – Creation of our PWE® complex “Phyt’s Whitening Extract” with proven effectiveness on melanogenesis, which is found within our WHITE BIO-ACTIVE range.
• 2010 – Launch of our factor 50 sun cream with a fluid texture, certified organic and 100% natural origin ingredients.
• 2009 – Creation of the 1st fully certified organic makeup line: PHYT’S ORGANIC MAKE UP!

Thoughtful and innovative formulations!
Our formulas are developed in the laboratory with great rigour, following different stages of formulation:
• Reflection on future formulas and elaboration of specifications, listening to your expectations and market demands.
• Research and development of innovative active ingredients, recognised for their effectiveness and the benefits they bring to the skin.
• Development of formulas in our laboratories, combining expertise and unique know – how in organic ingredients.
• Launch of mandatory tests in laboratories, to evaluate the safety of the formula and the product (tolerance, stability of the formulas, etc.)
• Launch of clinical studies by an independent body, to measure the effectiveness of our formulas
> Tests to assess the satisfaction of our testers
> Instrumental measurements to measure the action and effectiveness of the products on the skin.



All our products are designed and manufactured in France.

Our ranges are developed by our own research and development department located in Alenya, nestled between the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean sea, and processed and produced in Caillac in the rural south-west of France.

An industrial pole of more than 15,000 sq.m consisting of :
• A production unit of 8,000 sq.m, fitted with high-performance and recent equipment and 16 packaging manufacturing lines,
• A screen printing unit for our packaging,
• A packaging unit for packaging and boxing,
• A storage and logistics unit of more than 7000 sq.m,
• A quality control unit ensuring the rigorous implementation of the regulations in force.


Our complete control of the production chain allows us to guarantee the high quality of our products, infallible traceability and a strong commitment to local employment.
Compliance with standards ISO 22716, ISO 14001.


Ensuring an environmentally friendly and nature-preserving production method is at the heart of our corporate policy.
To that end, PHYT’S laboratories are committed throughout the life cycle of a product:

Vegan and natural cosmetics: most of our products contain no animal substances and are free from synthetic dyes and preservatives
Maintaining biodiversity: fair trade raw materials (organic shea butter from Burkina Faso, organic avocado oil, organic sesame oil) to encourage an ethical and sustainable supply.
Preservation of the environment: use of cleaning products validated by Ecocert, waste management and selective sorting, gentle and non-polluting manufacturing process, reduction of 50% of our water consumption for the manufacture of our products, implementation in the short term of a fleet of electric cars to travel between our sites. Energy savings thanks to an earth-to-air heat exchanger

Protection of the natural environment with clean packaging: choice of recyclable containers, (glass, aluminium, PE, PET and PP plastics, as well as cardboard and paper), biodegradable (corn starch), or energetically recoverable. Cardboard sleeves packaging issued from sustainably managed forests (PEFC certification), creation of plots of organic agroforestry and involvement in the protection of natural environments. Protection during the transport of our products by 200 mm wide air cushions made with 50% recycled material and the whole packaging being recyclable.
• Participation in the development of local agricultural activities with a strong plant nursery sector:
> Implementation of collaborations with cooperatives or farmers, promoting the development of local organic farming.
> Partnerships with local farmers to produce our own raw materials, with quality control, a short circuit, and developing the local economy.
> Participation in the reactivation of a local sector that had disappeared: the lavender of Quercy
> In the medium term: support the diversification of farmers towards crops that are part of our cosmetics and are consistent with the terroir and local biodiversity. Membership in the Quercy PPAM association to start a collective reflection in order to develop new cultures.
> Project of production and internal processing of a part of our raw materials via our farm project “La ferme Phyt’s”.



These are the key words of the brand which has always defended healthy and respectful herbal cosmetics.

The many initiatives undertaken by the brand during all these years in favour of the protection of the planet and those who inhabit it is the proof that our values are translated into our acts. (See commitments section)


From hygiene to care, for the face, body and hair, not forgetting make-up and food supplements, PHYT’s has unrivalled know-how.

Effectiveness test are regularly carried out on our products to ensure reliable results.